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The Best Trendy Functional Travel Bags: Borboleta Bag

Finding a trendy but functional travel bag is as challenging as trying to conquer the Iron Throne and ruling the 7 Kingdoms (anyone else Game of Thrones obsessed?!). There are a ton of cute, stylish bags out there but there aren’t a lot of brands that actually take traveling into account when designing.

Well, call me Daenerys Targaryen and give me some dragons because I just found the jackpot! I stumbled on Borboleta Bag’s Instagram page and immediately fell head over heels in love. They’re an amazing brand who are dedicated to creating trendy functional travel bags specifically designed for the traveling lifestyle while not sacrificing on the actual style.

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Veronica Race, the owner, and designer of Borboleta Bag, grew up in a multicultural family and split her time between the US and Thailand growing up. Since she was constantly traveling, she started creating bags for herself that were functional for her jet-set life. People were obsessed. So, fast forward to 2012, Borboleta (butterfly in Portuguese) Bag was born with the mission to make traveling and professional women organized and happy.

So, fast forward to 2012, Borboleta (butterfly in Portuguese) Bag was born with the mission to make traveling and professional women organized and happy.

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Her belief is that we are all travelers through life. Whether it’s a trip to the local grocery store or a stroll on Paris’ Left Bank, all women need bags that are chic, lightweight, multi-functional, and organizational. And each Borboleta Bag is built with this idea in mind.

Every Borboleta Bag is:


They are lightweight so that they are easy to carry around every day while traveling. The canvas bags are about 0.6 lbs and the leather bags are 1.4 lbs.

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Designed to be Functional:

Each bag has 4-10 pockets (depending on the style). This keeps everything organized and easily accessible. They also include extra features such as rear zippers for easy access and convertible straps so that they’re always at a comfortable length.

They come in a variety of different materials and patterns and are completely customizable. I love how you can choose the outside color/pattern, the lining color/pattern, and the color of the straps. It feels like it’s a unique piece that is made just for you. Some bags also include optional initial personalization as well!

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Made with High-Quality Materials:

All materials are handpicked to guarantee the best quality and each bag is made with signature, luxury zip pullers, and hardware. They are handcrafted with state of the art machines and some parts are actually sewn by hand too. Fabrics include genuine cow leather, silky, waterproof microfiber lining, high-quality cotton canvas, and water repellant canvas. All are easy to clean because you know, traveling can get dirty!

Fabrics include genuine cow leather, silky, waterproof microfiber lining, high-quality cotton canvas, and water repellant canvas. All are easy to clean because you know, traveling can get dirty!

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Fairly Priced:

They are so affordable! They range from $25 to $185 USD so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Ethically Produced:

All of their trendy functional travel bags are produced in their clean and safe facility in Bangkok, Thailand. All of their makers have at least 15 years of experience in sewing and craftsmanship and enjoy a comfortable workplace with great health benefits.

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Gives Back:

Veronica was vacationing in Phuket, Thailand in 2004 when the horrible Boxing Day tsunami hit. Due to a last minute decision, she was fortunately saved from the disaster. But Veronica decided to stay for an extra week to help in any way possible.

From that tragedy, she took action and founded the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation in 2007. Its mission is to improve the lives of underprivileged students in Thailand. A portion of the proceeds from Borboleta Bag provides the funds necessary to keep kids in school and provide healthy breakfasts for over 200 students every morning.

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The Trendy Functional Travel Bags:

I received the Mini Lunette Canvas Bag and the Demilune Canvas Backpack both in Placid Blue waterproof repellant canvas with Black & Cream Polka Dot 100% cotton lining.

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Demilune Canvas Backpack

I brought the Demilune Canvas Backpack with me on a cruise to Roatan, Honduras and Cozumel, Mexico and it was seriously the perfect companion! It has a sleeve for your laptop so I was able to bring my Mac and work during downtime on the ship. It also has a key holder and 6 interior pockets that I was able to keep all my sunscreen, medicine, makeup, and lotions all organized. The side pocket on the outside was great to keep things I needed quick access to such as my phone and the room key.

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It’s roomy enough to fit a towel when we headed to the pool but small enough to carry around with me everywhere I went. It’s super lightweight construction made it comfortable during our long walks when we landed on Roatan and Cozumel (even when it was full to the brim with souvenirs.. ahem.. tequila bottles 😉).

It also rained a few times while we were on the ship so I was extremely happy that I chose the water repellant canvas. All of my stuff was kept safe and the rain never ruined the bag (can’t say the same about my hair 😂).

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Best of all, it’s super sleek, modern design is cute and on trend. It’s so easy to pair with many different outfits. It’s available in 16 different canvas materials (as well as a leather version), 7 lining materials, and 11 strap colors. Hello! You can literally put together your dream backpack with this many options! It’s $65 USD and will definitely be a piece you will want to bring with you on every single trip.  

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Mini Lunette Canvas Bag

The Mini Lunette Canvas Bag came with me during my trip to Kentucky for a family reunion. My family there lives in the middle of nowhere (seriously, I don’t even get cell reception 😱) so our reunions usually consist of a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, riding horses, and swimming in the lake.

I knew I needed a durable bag that would be able to withstand all these outdoor adventures through the backwoods of Kentucky and not have to worry about it getting dirty. But I wanted something stylish and super cute to show off to the fam. This bag definitely delivered on both fronts!

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It has a key holder as well as a zipper pocket where I kept some granola bars and my phone during the hike. I was also able to fit a water bottle, my sunglasses, my wallet (and my fiance’s wallet), some gum, and even an extra shirt!

This bag has a super cool back zipper that opens right into the inside of the bag. This made it super easy to access everything that was closer to the back of the bag without having to move everything around. I’ve never seen a bag with this feature before and I absolutely love it! It’s so convenient (why doesn’t every bag have this?!).

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I also chose the water repellant canvas so it was easy to wipe clean. All the fabric bags are machine washable too! Just throw them in with a netting bag and you’re good to go. It’s available in 16 different canvas materials (and a leather option), 7 different lining materials and costs $55 USD.

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Borboleta Bag is such a wonderful company that creates really thoughtful, trendy functional travel bags that make traveling easier than ever. There’s a bag for every occasion.

They carry clutches, crossbody bags, totes, backpacks and shoulder bags. They have more casual, daytime canvas bags, super sleek, nighttime leather bags, and even sparkly sequin covered bags for the mermaid in you.

Plus, they’re affordable, lightweight, and durable. And of course, they’re so in fashion with their sleek, modern lines and large selection of colors, patterns, and high-quality materials.

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Every bag is also ethically made and the company donates to Thai children. That’s a quality I appreciate so much in brands and something that makes me want to buy from them again and again. I’ve booked a seat on the Borboleta Bag express because I’m officially obsessed!

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You can purchase their whole collection of trendy functional travel bags HERE. 

Shop More Of My Favorite Travel Bags Here:

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Have you guys ever used a bag that was just perfectly made for traveling? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Such cute and stylish bag. I also really like the blue colour. I think I would fit my camera and small travel essentials when I go around cities for picture opportunities. Thank you for sharing, I rather like the bag!

    1. Thanks! Do it girl. You won’t regret it. lol I’m actually hosting a giveaway on my Instagram on Tuesday for one of their clutches if you want to join. 🙂 The polka dot patten is my favoorritteee. They have a ton of different linings though!

  2. What a fab bag!! I love the patterns and the spots on the lining are so cute 🙂 Great to see they’re water resistant too as I always worry about my documents in a downpour!

  3. I love a backpack for travel and everyday, and this looks really practical. I like the way you can set it down, and it’s stable to have access to all your things without it sagging. And although the colours are pretty, I love that it comes in go-with-everything black too.

  4. What a great bag. Not only is it useful and practical, but it looks great and comes in a ton of different colors. Also love the story behind it. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I haven’t worn it long enough to know if it is hardwearing BUT the quality is SO high on these bags. You can just tell by the stitching that they are exquisitely made. They have leather options as well! 🙂

  5. How gorgeous is this bag ? The craftsmanship is outstanding ! And can we just take a minute and talk about these CUTE colors ?! I mean LOOK at them ! My favorite one is caramel 🙂

    1. The craftsmanship really is outstanding and everything is made with such high quality. You can tell a lot of love goes into these bags. Right?! There’s SO many colors and so many different ways to customize exactly the way you want it. Thanks for the love 💜

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