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Easy and Affordable Travel Jewelry: Rocksbox Review

*At the end of this post, I’ve included a Rocksbox promo code for a free month if you want to try it out for yourself!

Okay, who hasn’t bought new clothes and jewelry before a vacation? You want to look good on your trip and you know your regular wardrobe just isn’t going to cut it in the super exotic place you’re headed. I’m the same way!

I actually like to change up my travel jewelry depending on the vibe of where I’m going. Fun pastels and delicate, layered necklaces for tropical, beachy areas like Puerto Rico. Big, bold and statement-making jewelry for cities like New York. Wrap bracelets and thin, stackable rings for casual, easy going places like Thailand.

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The problem is, good travel jewelry is expensive! I’m a big believer in sticking to a travel budget and I will totally include the money I spend on my vacation wardrobe in that budget. Also, if I’m being completely honest, I’d much rather spend my money on the actual travel aspect.

So, how do I do both? Change up my travel jewelry each trip and still stick to a budget? Well, ladies, the answer is Rocksbox! Check out my Rocksbox Review below. 

How it Works:

Rocksbox (use coupon code mapsandmusesxoxo to receive your first month, FREE) is a monthly membership that sends you jewelry. You take a quick style quiz in the beginning and add jewelry you love into your Wish List. Your stylist then goes to work picking out 3 pieces of jewelry you’ll absolutely love and sending them out to you. 

You can keep the jewelry as long as you like. When you’re ready for a new set simply return them (with the included prepaid shipping label) and wait for your new jewelry to come in. They carry some of the trendiest jewelry from 30+ designers so there’s something for everyone. Plus, everything is high quality and made with the finest materials.

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The membership is $21/month which is just so much more affordable than buying new jewelry all the time. If you absolutely fall in love with a piece and don’t want to return it, you can apply the $21 towards the price of the piece. Also, being a member of Rocksbox gives you exclusive discounts on all of the jewelry on their site.

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Travel Jewelry:

I think this idea is perfect for travel! Have a trip to the Bahamas coming up soon? Fill your Wish List up with fringe earrings and boho necklaces that will look amazing paired over a swimsuit and take your box with you on your trip. Headed for a glam weekend in Las Vegas? Stock up on statement necklaces and big rings to hit up all the clubs in style.

And you don’t have to use it all year either! You can cancel at any time or put holds on your account. So, if you have a bunch of trips during the holiday season and you need some amazing travel jewelry, use the service for a couple months and then put a hold on your account or cancel until your next trip comes along. 

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You can even upload pictures of a specific outfit you want your stylist to pair with your next box of jewelry. Or, you can tell your stylist exactly where you’re going and what you’re looking for so you can get the perfect box for your trip.

My Rocksbox Review:

I recently went on a weekend trip to the beautiful little town of Englewood, Florida for my mom’s birthday. For this trip, I wanted cute, simple jewelry that would look great both on the beach and at dinner. So, I filled my Wish List with gorgeous geometric pieces and interesting stud sets. And, my stylist absolutely hit the nail on the head.

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I received this Hadley Stud Pack in Silver from Slate which I’m obsessed with and I think I’m going to buy! I have 3 piercings on each ear so I love sets like this.

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The necklace I received was the Riley Adjustable Necklace in Antique Silver with Pavé from Kendra Scott. I love, love, LOVE adjustable jewelry for traveling. This necklace can be a choker, it can be an amazing layering necklace, and if can also be a long boho-looking necklace. One necklace, so many different styling possibilities!

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travel jewelry rocksbox review necklace

Lastly, I received this Tansy Cuff in Silver from Aster. I love the fringe detailing on this bracelet and love the simple, laidback feel.

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travel jewelry rocksbox review bracelet

I love how my stylist thought of how I would be wearing these pieces together. All 3 pieces pair well together or separately and I wore them both ways.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on new travel jewelry before every trip or waste money on cheap costume jewelry that’s going to break in your suitcase before you even get to your destination. Now you can rent jewelry for each trip and try out all the pieces before you buy. For only $21/month, I think it’s a steal!  

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Want to try it for yourself? You can get 1 month for FREE with the code mapsandmusesxoxo. Just enter it at checkout

You can also receive a $25 credit for each friend you refer to Rocksbox. Check out how here.

Shop More Of My Favorite Travel Jewelry Must-Haves:

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What’s your go-to travel jewelry? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. What a cool service! I actually had no idea this existed. I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to jewelry but sometimes I do find myself wishing I had something a little special for a trip so I could see this service being useful!

  2. This is such a cool idea! I never can be bothered buying jewellery so I just never wear it- can definitely see myself doing this 🙂

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