When the Travel Bug Bites

Do you ever have the feeling that you’ve been in one place too long? Ever have the overwhelming desire to just leave?

That’s how I’ve felt for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love being home but my need to explore always creeps back in. I blame my ‘can’t stay in one place too long’ personality on being born a Sagittarius. It was written in the stars, right? I can’t help it.

My first tiptoe into traveling began when I moved away from home after high school to attend FSU, 7 hours away from home. Might seem like the typical college experience but in Miami, it’s not very typical at all. Some of my parent’s friends told my parents I was crazy. But I knew at 17 years old I needed to spread my wings, just a tiny bit.

I think that’s when the travel bug bit and latched on for good.

A trip I took in college opened my eyes to another world of travel. It was a quick road trip to New Orleans full of alcohol and debauchery as any trip you take when you’re 21 should be. But, I fell in love with New Orleans. The culture, the interesting buildings, the crazy people on the street, it felt like I was in another country.

My mind started traveling to faraway lands with cobblestone lined streets, old castles, and even older histories. I think that’s when the travel bug bit and latched on for good.

I went on a few more college appropriate trips on my Applebee’s salary and then made a rather impulsive decision to move to New York City to complete my required internship. I landed a gig in the fashion closet at Good Housekeeping Magazine and suddenly the nerves hit me like a ton of bricks when I envisioned 4 months in the Big Apple by myself.

Travel Bug Bites NY

It turned out to be an incredible decision. I fell in love with the fashion industry and everything having to do with photo shoots and creating beautiful stories through clothing, photography, and imagination.

I also fell in love with the people. I’m an avid people watcher and would observe the many different types of people that wandered in and out of the subway trains and rushed along the busy streets. From the eccentric personalities I encountered in Chinatown to the sweet Russian family who owned the car service by my house, it was truly a whole new world.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t used to a variety of cultures. Miami is a mishmash of people from Central and South America and the Caribbean. It’s a city full of diverse cultures and food most people in the US don’t even know about. But it’s what I knew, and I love learning new things.

Europe was one of my many daydreams come to life.

I graduated and flew home to Miami and I was definitely a changed person, and exhaustingly broke. I landed an internship with a Fashion Public Relations agency and in a few short months was offered a full-time position. Of course, I took it right away and couldn’t believe my luck.

This is what you’re supposed to do, right? Graduate college, land a job, and work until you can retire. I was attending amazing events, working the exclusive Miami Fashion Week every year, and truly enjoying being surrounded by all the amazing clothes and creativity.

But I wasn’t happy. I was at work drafting a pitch or in traffic for 2 hours (Miami traffic is no joke guys) and my mind would wander to all the places I wish I was. The company was so small it was absolutely impossible to get more than one day off at a time and there was no room for growth. I finally had the money to travel but didn’t have the time.

So, I impulsively booked a 15-day tour to Europe with my best friend and a year later, I quit. Again, everyone thought I was insane. “You actually got a job in your major and you’re going to quit after 2 years?!” It was one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made but one I have never regretted!

Europe was one of my many daydreams come to life. I completely overpacked, traveled to 7 countries in 15 days, and soaked in as much culture as I possibly could.

Travel Bug Bites Austria

Since then I’ve worked odd and end remote jobs in the fashion world, normally taking on 2 or 3 at a time. But more importantly, I’ve traveled and learned and evolved in my own style.

I traveled to gorgeous and rambunctious Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, went on a beautiful and enlightening tour of Spain, flew to Nicaragua for a breathtaking wedding, zoomed over to Bimini, Bahamas as many times as I could, and road tripped from Miami to Los Angeles where I interned for an A-list celebrity fashion stylist.

This was an experience that exposed me to a higher caliber of fashion. I was holding couture gowns, driving around with jewelry that cost more than a house, walking into posh stores on Rodeo Drive, and setting up fittings in celebrity homes. I also picked up tons of amazing styling tricks!

Live your life the way YOU want to..

I kept getting told I was crazy with every step I made from moving to Tallahassee to quitting my job. What I think is crazy is trying to fit into the norm when you realize it’s not what you want. Live your life the way YOU want to and do what makes YOU happy.

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Have you ever been told you were crazy for a life decision you made? Let me know in the comments! I want to hear your stories!

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