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Thailand Outfit Ideas

Packing for Thailand was difficult! We were there for 2 weeks and we were going to 4 totally different cities. We needed clothes for an elephant sanctuary, conservative clothes for the temples, and clothes to bum out on a beach. Here are some Thailand outfit ideas based on what I wore during my trip plus some style tips.

Thailand Outfit Ideas

Chiang Mai:

The first stop on our 2 week trip to Thailand was the beautiful hippie city of Chiang Mai. The first day we woke up super early (we were jet lagged as hell) and decided to walk around the city, go to a few street markets, and visit a few temples.

I decided to wear a cute off the shoulder, knee-length patterned dress from ASOS with a pair of gold slip-on sandals from Forever 21. It was a bit chilly in the morning so I brought my denim jacket from American Eagle to stay warm and accessorized with my TOMS sunglasses.

It was easy to be appropriate for the temples in this outfit. My dress already covered my knees and then I put on the jacket to cover up my shoulders when I headed inside the temples.

thailand outfit ideas chiang

thailand outfit ideas chiang mai

thailand outfit ideas sunglasses

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The next day was one of my favorite days of the whole trip! We went to an elephant sanctuary and got to play with rescue elephants all day! I knew I wanted to bring clothes I didn’t mind getting dirty because we would be around mud and elephant poop all day.

So I wore this soft grey t-shirt and stretchy jean shorts, both from American Eagle. I wore the jean jacket again since it was chilly in the morning. STYLE TIP: The best way to totally rock a denim on denim look is to mix the different colors and styles of the denim to create some interest. Here I matched a medium wash pair of shorts with a more distressed, lighter acid wash jacket.

The glasses and shoes were some items I picked up for like $2 each in one of the markets in Chiang Mai the day before and have become some of my favorites!

thailand outfit ideas laugh

thailand outfit ideas elephant

Underneath I wore this amazing black bikini from ASOS for jumping in the mud and river with the elephants. I decided to go with black because I didn’t want one of my lighter suits to get stained. I just LOVE the mesh detail of the top.

thailand outfit ideas bikini top

thailand outfit ideas bathing suit

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A ride on an overnight train later and we were in Bangkok! Our first day we hired a tuk-tuk driver to take us around to some temples and sights.

I decided to wear this off the shoulder denim dress from Nasty Gal and my Forever 21 gold sandals. We went to a few temples so I needed something that was easy to transition. I just pulled up on the shoulders and I was covered up enough to go into the temples. A dress was perfect because it kept me cool during this super hot day.

thailand outfit ideas tuk tuk

thailand outfit ideas temple

thailand outfit ideas denim dress

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The second day in Bangkok was an all temple day. But it was the hottest day ever! Worst than the day before. So I decided to wear a pair of shorts from Topshop and this off the shoulder top from Greylin. Because both items are very lightweight and airy they kept me cool all day.

thailand outfit ideas swing

thailand outfit ideas bangkok

As we went into the temples I pulled the sleeves up on my shoulders to cover them up and draped a scarf I purchased in Chiang Mai around my waist to cover my knees. When I wasn’t using the scarf I tied it on my purse. I also wore my Chiang Mai slip-on sandals.

STYLE TIP: When traveling to temples make sure to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. You’ll be taking them off and on a lot during the day. Some restaurants and hotels we stayed at in Thailand also required that we remove our shoes before entering. 

thailand outfit ideas temples

thailand outfit ideas scarf

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Koh Pha Ngan:

Off to the islands! In Koh Pha Ngan, I knew I would be hitting tons of beaches but still wanted to make sure I was comfortable enough to ride around on a scooter all day around the island.

So I decided to wear my one-piece bathing suit from ASOS as a top and pair that with my Uncivilised high-waist black jean shorts. Easy to transition and still super fashionable and comfortable.

STYLE TIP: If you know you’re going to be in a bathing suit the whole day, wearing a one-piece bathing suit as a top is a simple way to save space in your suitcase. Find one that looks like a cute top on its own. Bathing suit + top in one!

thailand outfit ideas bungalow

thailand outfit ideas pink

thailand outfit ideas scooter

Our second day in Koh Pha Ngan was also an all-day scooter day. We explored beaches and waterfalls throughout the island. It was also really rainy and did get a bit chilly while on the scooter.

So I decided to pair a colorful Luli Fama bikini with a pair of jean shorts from ASOS, tucked in a Wildfox cover-up, and accessorized with a cute denim cap, gold sandals, and my TOMS sunglasses. For the chilly scooter rides, I put on my American Eagle denim jacket.

STYLE TIP: When heading to warm places, I bring just one jacket that will go with all my different outfits in case I ever get chilly. For Thailand, I knew a casual denim jacket would easily pair with many of the pieces I brought. I didn’t need anything too heavy. 

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thailand outfit ideas cap

thailand outfit ideas summer

thailand outfit ideas beach

thailand outfit ideas hotel

That night was the famous Full Moon Party! I wanted to dress up a bit for the event but still stay casual since it was on a beach.

So I wore this beautiful lace off the shoulder top from Sugar+Lips and the same pair of TopShop shorts that I wore in Bangkok with my gold Forever 21 sandals and black choker from Amazon. I also wore my trusty Travelon Purse that locks and wrapped the scarf I bought in Chiang Mai around it for extra protection from pickpockets.

thailand outfit ideas party

thailand outfit ideas full moon party

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Phi Phi Islands:

One of our last days was a boat tour through the Phi Phi Islands. Again, we were in and out of the ocean all day long so I wanted to wear this gorgeous one-piece bathing suit from ASOS as a top and a bathing suit.

I then draped my Chiang Mai scarf around my waist to create an easy and beautiful skirt. I also used the scarf to protect my shoulders from the sun since we were out all day.

thailand outfit ideas phi phi

thailand outfit ideas stripes

thailand outfit ideas islands

thailand outfit ideas one piece

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I couldn’t go anywhere without a functional travel crossbody purse. My favorite this year has been the Travelon Anti-Theft Signature East/West Shoulder Bag in black. It has so many amazing functions including a locking compartment, slash resistant construction, an adjustable and removable slash resistant strap, RFID blocking card and passport slots, a key clip, and even an LED light! Best of all, it’s super cute and can be paired with so many different outfits.

I wore it every day throughout our 2 week trip to Thailand; through rain, on boats, in busy streets and crowded temples, to Full Moon parties and elephant sanctuaries. This baby kept all our money and important papers safe and organized and I didn’t have to check it every 5 seconds like I normally do on trips. Below are some other functional and beautiful travel crossbody bags.

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And those are my Thailand outfit ideas and everything I wore on my 2-week trip. Do you have any style tips you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!

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