Puerto Rico Outfit Ideas

On our 6 day trip to Puerto Rico, we decided to pack everything in just a personal item bag to save money on baggage fees. So I had to be very selective about the clothes I decided to pack and make sure they could be used a couple different ways. Here’s what I came up with and my Puerto Rico outfit ideas.

Puerto Rico Outfit Ideas

Day 1: Traveling to Puerto Rico/Exploring Aguadilla’s Beaches:

We went straight from the plane to exploring the beautiful beaches around Aguadilla because we had a few hours to kill before we could check into our Airbnb. I always try to be as comfortable and warm as I can on planes because they are not comfortable and they’re always freezing!

So I wore my TopShop high-waist skinny jeans, a simple grey top from H&M, and my Nike sneakers. These TopShop jeans are my favorite because they are so soft and so stretchy. It was the perfect outfit to explore in before we could take a shower and change.

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puerto rico outfit ideas plane

puerto rico outfit ideas rocks

puerto rico outfit ideas rock

Day 2: Sightseeingย Through Rincon & Cabo Rojo (Proposal Day ๐Ÿ˜ฑ)

This was my favorite outfit that I wore in Puerto Rico (and not just because it’s the outfit I got engaged in ๐Ÿ˜‹) We went around in the car exploring all the sights and beaches in Rincon and Cabo Rojo.

I wore an off the shoulder shirt from Billabong and high-waist Uncivilised shorts from ASOS. Underneath I wore a colorful Luli Fama bathing suit so I could jump into the water at the beautiful beaches.

Style Tip: When I travel I keep my accessories very minimal because more space in your suitcase is always a plus. And you can do a lot with a few accessories. I also love to buy jewelry and accessories in different countries. They’re easier to pack than clothes and whenever I wear one it reminds me of a special trip.

Here I’m wearing a Swarovski bracelet that I foundย in Innsbruck, Austria on my first Europe trip, a ring my fiancรฉ bought me from Bangkok, Thailand, and a pair of TOMS sunglasses I picked up while passing through Austin, Texas on an across the country road trip with my best friend.

puerto rico outfit ideas blue

puerto rico outfit ideas top closeup

puerto rico outfit ideas bottom closeup

Day 3: Hiking El Yunque Rainforest

Day 3 we drove the 3 hours over to the east side of the island to check out El Yunque Rainforest. We hiked all day so I made sure to dress for that.

I wore my Uncivilised shorts again with a grey, open back top from Boohoo, my Nike sneakers, and the Luli Fama bathing suit underneath to jump into the freezing waterfall at the end of the hike! I also brought a rain jacket from BCBGeneration because it had been rainy on and off all day (and throughout our whole trip). The bag is my favorite crossbody travel bag and it’s from Travelon.

Style Tip: If you’re headed to El Yunque make sure to wear something you don’t mind getting dirty and washes easily. We were covered in mud after one of the hikes and it did rain on us a few times. It’s hard to stay clean in a rainforest ๐Ÿ˜‰

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puerto rico outfit ideas hike

puerto rico outfit ideas waterfall

puerto rico outfit ideas waterfall closeup

Day 4: Walking Throughย Old San Juan/Bacardi Factory

We drove over to the east side of the island again to explore Old San Juan and the Bacardi Factory. This was the only day I didn’t wear a bathing suit!

I wore one of my favorite black and white printed rompers from a little boutique here in Miami, a bralette from Forever 21, and a pair of striped Espadrilles from ASOS. It was super cute, fun, and kept me cool during this super hot day!

puerto rico outfit ideas romper

puerto rico outfit ideas san juan

puerto rico outfit ideas top

Day 5: Salinas de Cabo Rojo & Playa Sucia:

We drove about an hour to the Salinas de Cabo Rojo on day 5 to check out the famous pink salt lagoons and then headed to Playa Sucia for the rest of the day to chill on the beach.

I wore a white skort from Necessary Clothing, a loose burgundy tank from Urban Outfitters, and a ruffled floral bathing suit from Target underneath. Since we didn’t walk a lot this day I wore a pair ofย tie-up sandals from ASOS. The sunglasses are from a night market in Chiang Mai.ย I picked these up for $2 USD!

puerto rico outfit ideas pink

puerto rico outfit ideas featured front

puerto rico outfit ideas side shot

puerto rico outfit ideas skirt

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Day 6: Guajataca Train Tunnel, Isabela, & Surfers Beach

On our last day, we woke up early, checked out, and planned to hike through theย Las Cuevas de Camuy. Unfortunately, when we got there, they were closed! We had no idea they would be closed for Mother’s Day.

So, instead, we headed to the Guajataca Train Tunnel in Isabela and then back to Surfers Beach in Aguadilla to chill until we had to be back at the airport for our flight home. If I knew we wouldn’t have been hiking I would have worn the dress I brought because this was a very beach-filled day.

But instead I wore my Uncivilised High Waist shorts from ASOS again, a super soft grey/black teeย from American Eagle, and my Nikes. The black one-piece bathing suit underneath is from ASOS and is one of my favorites! The choker came in a pack of 9 from Amazonย and are amazing quality for the price!

puerto rico outfit ideas

puerto rico outfit ideas grey

puerto rico outfit ideas shorts

puerto rico outfit ideas one piece

puerto rico outfit ideas bathing suit

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That’s those are my Puerto Rico outfit ideas! Hope you guys got some inspiration for your next trip. Where are you headed to next? Let me know in the comments!

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