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The Perfect Travel Crossbody Bags

I’ve been on a hunt! On a hunt for the perfect travel crossbody bags. My old, amazing fringe bag that I’ve been using for years is finally breaking on me. So, it’s definitely time for a new one.

In my opinion, the best everyday travel bag is a crossbody bag. They usually have a ton of pockets to keep all your essentials organized and it’s easy to access everything. They’re also worn closer to your body so they’re harder for pickpockets to get to.

There are a bunch of great travel bags with amazing security and organizational features. But, there are so very few travel bags that are stylish! Either they have all the travel features I want but they’re hideous. Or, they’re cute but not functional at all.

Since I will be taking this purse with me to multiple countries, I need a crossbody bag that has anti-theft features. It’s also going to be the only purse I bring, so it needs to be chic but versatile enough that I can wear it with many different outfits. And, it should be small enough to use as an everyday bag, but spacious enough to carry everything I need.

I know, it’s a very tall order. But, my online shopping ninja skills came in handy and I finally found the perfect purse!

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The Travelon Anti-Theft Signature East/West Shoulder Bag

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Travel Crossbody Bags Vogue

This bag from Travelon has everything! It has 3 compartments; 2 of which have an easy locking feature that provides great protection from pickpockets. Everything on the bag is slash-proof and it’s made of Nylon so it’s water-resistant.

Plus, the front compartment has RFID blocking slots for your credit cards and passport. RFID blocking makes it more difficult for thieves with electronic readers to skim data from your cards or passport. The purse also has a key clip inside that has a built-in LED light.

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Travel Crossbody Bags Clutch

It has all these amazing features but it’s also really trendy and super sleek. It’s black with shiny gold hardware and the shape is extremely simple and modern. I can definitely wear this with everything. I can even hide the strap inside and use it as a clutch at night.   

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So excited to test this baby out on my trip to Thailand in February! You can purchase this bag in the link below. It’s available in a few different colors. 

Here are some other amazing bags I found during my search that also have the best of both worlds.

Travel Crossbody Bags:

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Do you have any travel crossbody bags you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments.

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Perfect Travel Crossbody Bags

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  1. Love this article! I wish I had that bag when we went to Europe so I didn’t have to wrap my sweater around my purse to stop thieves in Pairs.

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