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Perfect Travel Clothes from Knitted Belle Boutique

Finding the perfect travel clothes is as hard as finding a Horcrux in the wizarding world. Over the years I have found what type of clothing is best to pack into a suitcase and take with me throughout the world. I have come up with a few requirements to officially award a piece of clothing the title ‘Perfect Travel Clothes.’

  1. It needs to be thin enough to fit into my carryon suitcase.
  2. It needs to be made from a material that either doesn’t wrinkle at all or gets very few wrinkles.
  3. It needs to be versatile and easy to pair with many different things.  

*Bonus points if it’s affordable! I’d rather spend my money during the trip, so clothing that is well made but affordable is always the way to go. I do make a few exceptions for items that are staples and will be used for years. But, I usually stick with clothing that is as affordable as possible.

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This black off-the-shoulder blouse I received from Knitted Belle Boutique met all my requirements and I have included it into my collection of perfect travel clothes! It’s simple and chic but has those beautiful details on the trim that makes it truly unique.

perfect travel clothes knitted belle

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It’s so affordable, like everything from Knitted Belle Boutique. They carry many beautiful pieces that are well made and have amazing prices. The material does not wrinkle easily and it’s thin and easy to pack. Plus, it can be worn so many different ways and for so many different occasions! You can dress it up or down and wear it daytime or nighttime. 

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perfect travel clothes back

Unfortunately, this exact top is already sold out, but here are some similar off the shoulder styles from Knitted Belle Boutique that are just as amazing.

perfect travel clothes floralperfect travel clothes black

perfect travel clothes greyperfect travel clothes blouse

I wore it tied up in a knot to cinch in my waist and I paired it with a mini denim skirt, a simple black choker, round sunglasses, and knee-length jelly gladiator sandals.

perfect travel clothes knittedperfect travel clothes outfit

Style Tip: Something I picked up from working for an A-list celebrity stylist is that you don’t have to wear clothing exactly as it comes. Try tying up a long, oversized blouse like I did here or cuff up a pair of jeans, tuck in just the front of your shirt, or wear a tie-up sandal low on your ankle to create an ankle strap. Manipulating your clothing and adding these simple style hacks can make an item look like it’s a brand new piece! You can wear the same thing twice and no one will notice. 😉

perfect travel clothes side

Similar Styling Options:

Here are a few other ways you can style this baby:

1) Pair it with some flat strappy sandals, denim shorts, and a cute tote for a super casual look.

2) Dress it up by tucking it into a great pencil skirt. Add a pair of pointy toe pumps and some statement earrings to look classy AF for a formal dinner.

3) Wear it with a pair of faux leather leggings and tie it up to show some skin. Strap on some stilettos and a beaded clutch and hit the clubs!

I found a bunch of other beautiful options from Knitted Belle that could also be worn multiple ways and would be great for traveling!

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Perfect Travel Clothes from Knitted Belle Boutique:

1) This pair of Gauchos are literally perfect for a day of flying or a train ride through the countryside of Thailand. They’re comfortable and loose so you have a lot of room to move around. Plus, they’re super chic! Wear with a denim button down and a pair of gladiator sandals for wandering around your favorite city. Or throw on a simple tee and a pair of TOMs for a simple and easy traveling look.

perfect travel clothes gauchos

Styling Options:

2) Frayed denim has been everywhere lately and it’s such a chic trend! They can be perfect for cold weather or warm weather. Wear with a thick sweater and a pair of booties for wandering through Stockholm. Or throw on a tank top and some flip-flops to turn heads in the Bahamas.

perfect travel clothes jeans

Styling Options:

3) I love a great, loose dress for traveling. They’re just easy to wear and keep you cool and comfortable all day. Plus, it cuts down on the pieces you need to pack. One dress = an outfit. This dress is beautiful and can be styled a couple different ways. Throw on some OTK boots and a big chunky necklace to go to a show in Paris. Or go boho-chic with an awesome Panama hat and a pair of lace-up espadrilles to explore Mexico.

perfect travel clothes dress

Styling Options:

4) As I’ve started traveling I’ve been more and more attracted to very simple tees that can go with a million things but still have that special something that makes it stand out. And I think this Lace Up Top by Knitted Belle is doing that perfectly.

Some styling ideas: Tuck into a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and pair with some suede mules for a chic, understated look. Or, wear a denim skirt and some amazing sneakers which would be perfect for a day of tours.

perfect travel clothes top

Styling Options:

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KBB Stylebox

Knitted Belle Boutique also offers a KBB Stylebox. You receive a box full of clothing, accessories, and/or gifts chosen just for you by their team of stylists. Each box is different and has its own theme. You can purchase a one time box for yourself or as a present for someone or subscribe monthly to receive goodies at your doorstep every month! Check out all the KBB Styleboxes and prices here.

perfect travel clothes stylebox

I received a complimentary stylebox and loved everything I got! In my stylebox was the beautiful off-the-shoulder black blouse, a pack of Kitsch hair tie coils (I’ve fallen in love with these. I don’t think I’ll go back to normal hair ties), a homemade Mango bath pop from Feeling Smitten, natural grapefruit shea butter from Eu Genia, a lavender & honey shea butter handcreme sample from Lollia, and a mini roll-on Chakra Boost from AdoraTherapy.

Try a Stylebox for yourself and receive 25% off your first box with the code: FirstBox.

perfect travel clothes hair flip

What are your favorite clothing pieces to travel with? Do you have your own collection of perfect travel clothes? Let me know in the comments!

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