The One Piece You Must Pack for Cold Weather Vacations

There are many things you have to pack for cold weather vacations. That’s why packing light when you’re headed to a cold climate can be SO difficult. Not only are winter clothes heavy and thick, but, if you’re like me, you want to bring a variety so that you’re not wearing the same thing every single day. It’s especially hard to diversify your coats. A coat essentially becomes 80% of your outfit when you throw it over all your other layers.

I went to Ireland during the wintertime a few years ago and decided that I didn’t want to wear the same coat every day. So I brought a very large, heavy suitcase with probably 4 different coats.. for a 9-day trip. Plus, different thick sweaters, jackets, pants, and like 5 pairs of boots (not joking).

pack for cold weather vacation model


It was definitely *extra.* I looked amazing but dragging that massive suitcase through the cobblestone streets of Ireland and up old, rinky-dink hostel stairs was NOT ideal. The crazy baggage fee I paid because my suitcase was overweight wasn’t fun either and really not a smart way to spend my trip money.

Since then I’ve seen the light and have learned a lot about packing conveniently without having to sacrifice my style. I still want to make sure I’m not wearing the same thing every day. But, I now know how to implement helpful style shortcuts so I’m not packing every single sweater and coat that I own.

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My first cold weather trip since Ireland in 2015 was my recent trip to Prague, Czech Republic this past March. To avoid baggage fees I decided I was only going to bring a carry-on suitcase for my 7-day trip. Then I went to work trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do about a coat since it was in the 30’s-40’s °F.


The One Piece to Pack for Cold Weather Vacations:

During my hunt, I discovered this super cool 3-in-1 coat from ASOS and my prayers were answered! This is exactly what I needed to pack for my cold weather vacation to not only minimize the amount of luggage I was bringing but also maximize my wardrobe options. And all with one piece!

This coat has 2 separate layers, one with a hood and one without. They clip together so that you can wear them together. Or, you can wear each layer by itself. So essentially there are THREE different ways to wear this coat! And, by styling each piece a new way, you can create tons of unique looks.

Both Layers:





Inside Layer by Itself:





This coat kept me warm both during the day and at night. It was long which I love because it gives your legs some extra warmth. The hood was perfect to put up when the wind got crazy. But it was also pretty lightweight, so it didn’t get too heavy and suffocating during the day when the sun was out.

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This is not only a smarter way to pack for cold weather vacations but a smarter way to spend your money. Instead of buying 3 separate coats, you’re only purchasing 1 and using it 3x as many ways. You can also use it for so many different types of weather.



Seriously, this will change the way I pack for cold weather trips forever. 3-in-1 coats FTW!

PS: It was so cold at night (and this Miami girl does not do well in the cold. Seriously, I get cold in 70 °F weather lol) so I did end up wearing both layers every night… plus a heavy sweater, a long sleeve shirt underneath, and my giant scarf (I get cold guys). But I loved being able to take off one layer during the day while it was warmer and switching between the 2.


Shop My Favorite 3-in-1 Coats:

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Have you guys ever styled a 3-in-1 coat before? Do you have your own must-have items you pack for cold weather trips? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This is amazing! I have a trip to Iceland coming up and I was thinking about trying to find something like this for my trip. Definitely going to have a look at it.

  2. This looks like such a versatile coat – I get cold very easily so having different layers would be a godsend. It really suits you too!

    1. I don’t own too many cold weather clothes either because I live in Miami lol. So this coat definitely helped! Just do a quick search what the weather will be before you head to any location and figure out the type of clothes you’ll need. That’s what I always do before every trip! Thanks Amy!

    1. Ugh I know! The coat was available last week and of course when I put up this post it sold out :/ I have a few options on the bottom of the post but I haven’t found anything exactly the same! I’ll keep a look out for you! 🙂

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