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When it comes to my everyday travel makeup, I am super simple. I’m actually not the greatest at makeup and I don’t like the feeling of having too much product on my skin. So, even when I’m not traveling, I always stick to the no-makeup, makeup look and only bring 5 essential products. This simple makeup routine I’ve adopted has actually worked really well for my travel life.

I only pack exactly what I need and what I use every day. It’s easy, doesn’t take up too much space in my suitcase, and only takes about 5 minutes or less every morning! Also, some of these products can be used multiple ways and offer tons of options if I want to have a more glam look at night. Here are the 5 products I use as my everyday travel makeup.

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Everyday Travel Makeup

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I LOVE bareMinerals and have been using this concealer for years now. It’s a powder instead of the normal liquid concealer. I used to wear liquid concealers but because I live in Miami which is very humid and hot all year round, it would always melt off my face or make me look extremely shiny. When I was probably 17 I found this award-winning Concealer with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 and have been using it for the past 10 years.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back! Even though it is a powder, it’s actually really powerful and effortlessly conceals any redness or imperfections you want to hide. But, it feels like you have nothing on your skin. And that’s what makes this concealer the best and my favorite everyday travel makeup product. It also protects the skin with broad spectrum SPF 20 which is super important while you’re traveling. I use the shade Bisque because I have a fair complexion.

I use their Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush and put it under my eyes, around my nose, and on any blemishes. It makes me look fresh and awake, even if I’ve been traveling to Asia for over 35 hours. 


I’m very fair skinned (that Miami sun, unfortunately, has no effect on me 😭) so I always wear some bronzer to give my skin a healthy glow. I’ve tried a few different brands and because I’m so white they’ve all made me look too orange. And then I found Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer from bareMinerals and it’s become my go-to. 

It’s a silky smooth, ultra-fine baked powder bronzer that creates a super natural sun-kissed glow. It’s made with reflective pearls that create a lit-from-within glow without that shiny, glittery finish. It not only delivers a beautiful natural-looking golden bronze color, it’s also formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates. It goes on beautifully even and stays on all day. They also created customized finishes by shade to complement each skin tone.

When applying, focus on areas the sun would naturally hit: cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin. I use the Fair to Light shade and brush it in a number “3” on both sides of my face (into the hairline), down my nose, a quick pass over my chin, and on my cheekbones. 


I was introduced to highlighting from the show What Not to Wear. Who remembers Stacy and Clinton and how they magically transformed every ill-dressed person who was nominated to be on the show to a fabulously stylish and confident woman? (so sad it’s over. RIP) Well, their amazing makeup artist Carmindy always did a simple and quick, 5-minute look on all of the women on the show. She ALWAYS used a highlighter and it just made such a difference to their face.

My favorite highlighter is the Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter. It’s a very lightweight, coconut-infused gel highlighter that you can apply to your skin directly or you can add it to a foundation or primer to add some glow all over your face.

I received this free from Influenster and have fallen in love! It goes on so smooth, smells amazing, and you don’t have to use too much. A little definitely goes a long way. Also, it’s just so easy to use which makes it a perfect addition to my easy everyday travel makeup routine. It’s perfect for people like me who are not makeup savvy and who can use all the help they can get! Just squirt some onto your finger and blend into your skin.

In my opinion, it offers the same type of effect as contouring but it’s so much easier and quicker to achieve and looks way more natural. I put it on my cheekbones, my brow bone, and on the inner corners of my eyes. You can also add highlight down your nose and above the upper lip. I usually do this at night. I also add some to my eyelids to create a sparkly eyeshadow if I want little more glam.


My best friend introduced me to L’ORÉAL Voluminous Superstar Mascara and I love it so much! It’s magic and seriously lengthens your lashes to make them look almost fake! Best of all, it’s a drugstore brand so it’s easy to find and very affordable.

It promises super-volumized, super-lifted, super-extended lashes and definitely delivers on those promises. It’s a 2 step system but it’s very simple and only takes a minute.

Step one requires their super-volumizing primer. You simply sweep the primer over each lash. Then step two is their super-lifting mascara. Use the curved brush and their neo-black mascara formula to create longer lashes than you ever dreamed of. And your lashes look amazing all day.

Brow Pencil

I just started filling in my brows a few years ago and I’ve become brow-obsessed! It really does change your whole look and I’ve realized how important eyebrows are. Again, this is from bareMinerals because I just can’t get enough of their amazing products.

Their Brow Styler is my favorite! It comes in two universally flattering shades – Universal Dark & Universal Light. It’s an all-in-one brow styler that shapes, defines, fills in and styles brows for a natural look. When traveling, you want to bring as little as possible so these all-in-one products are always my everyday travel makeup go-tos. 

It has a ultra-fine twist-up tip on one end and a built-in brush that grooms and blends on the other end. I use Universal Dark and just fill in wherever it’s needed then use the brush end to shape. It also works really well as an eyeliner. I use this sometimes at night if I want to line my eyes and create a nighttime look.

Optional Lipstick

I don’t wear lipstick every day. Usually only at night or when I feel my outfit needs an extra pop of color. My favorite lipsticks are from MAC. They have a large selection of beautiful colors and they stay on well all day or night.

I only bring 3 shades with me while I’m traveling – a more neutral light pink, a dark red, and a bright, red/coral color. These go well with everything. Bringing just these 3 shades gives me the options I need without having to bring my entire lipstick collection. Sometimes I’ll even mix the shades to create a 4th shade. 

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And that’s it! That’s my 5-minute everyday travel makeup routine and the products I use. They’re all compact enough to bring with me on all my travels and still deliver a beautiful look for day or night.

Exploring the world should be fun and easy and really paring down my makeup and only bringing the essentials and products I know work amazing and have multiple uses has really made traveling so much easier.

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What are your favorite travel makeup products? Let me know in the comments!

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