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How to Dress for a Day of Temples in Thailand

One of the most popular things to do in Thailand is to see all the gorgeous, ancient temples that are scattered throughout the country. There are big temples, little temples, massive Buddhas, Buddhas as small as my hand, temples made completely from marble, and temples set on the top of a mountain.

They’re all so different and each magnificent in their own way. However, there is one major thing all these temples have in common – the dress code! Out of respect for Thailand’s customs and beliefs, all women must have their shoulders and knees covered and everyone has to take their shoes off before entering a temple.

If you don’t dress appropriately you will not be allowed to enter or you will have to pay a fee to borrow clothes.

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The problem with this temple dress code is that Thailand is HOT! Like really, sweaty, humid hot. You don’t want to be all covered up while you’re walking from temple to temple under the sizzling Thai sun.

Plus, if you’re like me, you want to look stylish too. Don’t worry guys! I figured out the perfect outfit to wear for a day of temples in Thailand. It’s the best way to stay cool, stylish, and visit temples all day.

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How to Dress for a Day of Temples in Thailand

Our biggest temple day was in Bangkok. We walked throughout the city all day and visited many different temples. And, It was hot as hell! So here’s what I wore:

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Both the top and the shorts are definitely not appropriate in a temple. So, here’s what I did:

Before I entered the temples I pulled the sleeves up on the off-the-shoulder top. Doing this covered my shoulders and made it look like a basic blouse, score! I then covered up my legs with a beautiful silk scarf I bought in Chiang Mai at the Sunday Market.

This scarf served SO many purposes during my time in Thailand. It was the best purchase I made the whole trip! I pulled the scarf, lengthwise, around my body and tied it at my waist and voila! This created a skirt that covered my knees, was simple to put on and take off, and still made a super interesting, mixed-patterned outfit paired with the blouse.

I also wore sandals all day that were very easy to slip on and off so there weren’t any delays in the line into the temples. When I wasn’t in the temples I just pulled the shirt’s sleeves back down my shoulders and tied my scarf around my purse to create a cute purse accessory.

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This strategy worked great! It was a quick and easy change I did multiple times throughout the day that kept me cool and looking great! Hope this helps you out if you’re struggling with what to wear to the temples in Thailand. 😀

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What’s your favorite thing to wear when it’s hot outside? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love how you were able to respect the the culture AND be stylish at the same time. Love! Great post chic! I’d love it if you showed me some love over on my blog. 😀

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