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Michelle is a 27-year-old travel and style blogger. With her former experience in the fashion, public relations, and social media industries, she created maps&muses to help women travel, dress, and ultimately live their best lives on a realistic budget.

She interned and worked for several companies in the fashion industry and decided the regular 9-6 life did not offer her the freedom to make her own choices. She always felt like she was a slave to her boss or her workplace. So, Michelle decided to leave the corporate world and concentrate on working remotely which gave her the freedom to pursue her greatest passion in life, travel.

She then worked for various remote companies which included social media marketing, celebrity styling, and personal shopping. She would work 2-3 at a time so that she could afford to travel and explore as much as possible. In January 2017, she decided to start her own business and launched maps&muses which utilizes the skills she picked up in each of her jobs.

Her story resonates with many young women who want to live a life that is not conventional and inspires them to follow their passions. She continues to share the secrets she has picked up in the fashion industry as well as the tips she has learned from traveling on a budget the past few years, in hopes of changing the stigma that you have to be wealthy and work a traditional job to live an extravagant, passion-filled life.

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