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9 Hour Layover in Hong Kong

On our way to Thailand, we had a long layover in Hong Kong. Since we had a few hours to kill and since neither of us had been to Hong Kong before, we decided to get out of the airport and check out this beautiful city for a few hours. We didn’t have any plans before we went so we decided to wing it and had the most amazing morning! Here are a few things you can do if you have a long layover in Hong Kong.

My Layover in Hong Kong:

Get out of the airport:

We got through immigration and then dropped our bags off at a locker. It was only 12 HKD an hour per bag which is about $2 USD. Then we hopped on the Mass Transit Railway train into the city center. They were 100 HKD for a roundtrip ticket which is about $12.89 USD

Wander through the mall:

As soon as you get off the train you can head upstairs to the mall. There were some bigger stores but what we were interested in were the tiny food shops. We checked out the dried fish and Chinese cakes and ended up picking up some dried mango and sugared ginger to snack on during the day.

Watch the sunrise:

We got to Hong Kong early in the morning so as soon as we got into the city we watched the sunrise over the giant, modern skyscrapers and saw the city wake up. It was an absolutely beautiful view!

Stroll down Central Pier:

We took a stroll down Central Pier and watched the early risers go out on their boats and start their day. We strolled through the park that was right next to the pier to watch early morning yoga classes and took in the breathtaking views of the city and the ocean. The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is right next to the pier if you want to get a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong.

Get lost in the city:

We walked toward the skyscrapers and got lost wandering around the many streets and alleyways. We stumbled upon this amazing breakfast place called Flying Pan before continuing our walk. The best views when walking through this city were the hints of house covered green mountains that peak their way through the massive skyscrapers.

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layover in hong kong

layover in hong kong city

Other Things To Do:

  • Watermark restaurant: Right at the end of Central Pier is this amazing restaurant, Watermark. The restaurant was right on the water and gave a full view of the massive city. They had this fabulous, super high-end brunch for 398 HKD which would be about $51 USD. If you’re looking for something fancy, then this is it!
  • Tsim Sha Tsui: We didn’t have enough time for this but if you do, you should definitely check it out! You can take a ferry from Central Pier over the water to reach Tsim Sha Tsui. This is a major tourist hub in Hong Kong with a bunch of different restaurants and shops.
  • Hong Kong Maritime Museum: There is also a maritime museum on Central Pier. The museum illustrates the contributions in the development of boats, ships, maritime exploration, trade, and naval warfare of China, Asia, and the West.

TRAVEL TIP: Start heading back early! There was a bit of the wait at security and the Hong Kong airport is big so make sure you have enough time to get to your gate.

layover in hong kong sunrise

layover in hong kong view

What to Wear:

We were in Hong Kong in the beginning of February. In the morning it was chilly (60’s F). So, make sure to pack a few warmer items! STYLE TIP: Wear your jeans and sweater on the plane so you don’t have to pack those bulkier items in your suitcase. This saves so much room!

But towards the afternoon it did warm up. I wanted to look really modern and chic in this cosmopolitan city so I wore an off the shoulder blouse from Nasty Gal and a pair of pants from TopShop. A big sweater from H&M kept me warm enough throughout the day and my TopShop sneakers and Travelon purse were perfect for wandering around the city.

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layover in hong kong outfit

layover in hong kong closeup

Shop My Hong Kong Style Must-Haves:

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That was my 9-hour layover in Hong Kong! What was your longest layover? Let me know what you did in the comments!

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Do you have a long layover in Hong Kong coming up? Check out everything you should see and do in this beautiful, cosmopolitan city. Read More: | Hong Kong | China | Long Layover | City Guide | Travel Guide | Travel Tips | Hong Kong Travel | Asia

Do you have a long layover in Hong Kong coming up? Check out everything you should see and do in this beautiful, cosmopolitan city. Read More: | Hong Kong | China | Long Layover | City Guide | Travel Guide | Travel Tips | Hong Kong Travel | Asia

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