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6 Reasons Why You Should Never Overpack

You’re looking at one of the former queens of overpacking. I would pack 5 pairs of heels for a long weekend. I’d fall in love with 10 different jackets and convince myself I needed to bring them all.
I would even bring full-size shampoos and every single piece of jewelry I own for a week-long trip.

Usually, I didn’t even end up wearing half of what I brought in my monstrous suitcases. Over the years I have learned that it’s much more beneficial to take a note from Goldilocks and always attempt to pack ‘just right’. You can definitely scale down on what you bring by being a little creative and your future vacation-self will thank you in the end.

Still not convinced? Not sure you can survive without your full collection of designer jeans? Check out these 6 reasons why you should never overpack:

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Never Overpack Overpacking

  1. Extra space! Whenever you go on a trip, you always want to bring home souvenirs or gifts or just something to remind you of the amazing time you had. I know I do. If you pack your suitcase until it’s stretching at the seams, you won’t have any space for goodies to bring home!
  2. It’s cumbersome. My first big Europe trip I went to 7 countries in 15 days. You can imagine how much we moved around and how many times I had to lug that suitcase up flights of stairs and across cobblestone roads. It was exhausting guys! So if you’re planning a trip where you won’t be staying in one place too long never overpack! A smaller suitcase or even a big backpack is the way to go. It’s much more convenient.
  3. COSTS! Airlines are upping their costs on checked baggage every single day. I even heard recently that some budget airlines are going to start charging to use the overhead space! And of course, the heavier the bag, the more expensive it is. Save your money for more enjoyable things during your trip and pack light.
  4. Too many choices! You shouldn’t spend time stressing about what to wear when you’re on vacation. By planning out all your outfits beforehand and packing only exactly what you’ll need you can save time while you’re on the trip and still look amazing. Make smart and easy style choices and concentrate on the traveling and exploring. That’s what it’s all about after all!
  5. Lost baggage. There is a possibility every time you check a bag that it might get lost or stolen. It happens, and it’s happened to me multiple times! You might be left without clothes for a couple days or never get your bag back at all! It’s always safer to only bring a carry-on. If you do need to bring a checked bag make sure to bring some extra clothes in your personal item and keep all your valuable items on you at all times.
  6. Lost/stolen items. The more things you bring on your trip, the higher possibility that you can lose something or have something stolen. I’ve definitely left hotels in a hurry and accidentally left behind something that rolled under the bed. The answer here – never overpack! When you don’t have your whole closet with you it’s easier to keep track of everything. Only bring the essentials on a trip and leave those vintage gold earrings passed down from your great grandma at home!

Never Overpack Airport

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What are some travel hacks you use to pack ‘just right’? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Reasons Never Overpack

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