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How You Should Spend Your 48 Hours in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands was the very first stop on my big rebellious European tour and I only had 48 hours in Amsterdam. I had a preconceived idea of how Amsterdam would be and I was totally turned on my head when I stepped off the plane. I thought it would be a rambunctious party city but it was SO much more than that!

It’s unbelievably clean, picturesque, and extremely welcoming of everyone. It’s a city full of gorgeous colors, dazzling canals, adorable windmills, and amazing museums. And, the street style is incredible! Very laid back but still incredibly chic. Here’s what my 48 hours in Amsterdam looked like.

What to do with only 48 Hours in Amsterdam

Bike Ride Through the Countryside

There are multiple forms of transportation in Amsterdam from trams, cars, buses, metros, and water taxis. However, the main way locals get around is bicycles. Bikes actually outnumber people in the city! Take the free ferry across to Amsterdam-Noord and cycle on Route 9 to get out of the city and explore the gorgeous countryside and windmills.

48 Hours in Amsterdam Countryside

Anne Frank House

This museum was one of the highlights of my whole trip but definitely one of the most emotional experiences. Walking through the Anne Frank house there was a very intense silence, everyone whispered and walked slowly through the space.

As you walk through different displays you make your way to the bookcase that hid the Secret Annex. You are able to view certain parts of the small space they lived in for 2 years. TRAVEL TIP: Make sure to get there as early as you can and get ready to wait in line for a while!

Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience was so much fun! The tour lasts almost 2 hours and there are tons of activities. Plus, you get 2 free beers! Even if you’re limited to 48 hours in Amsterdam, this one is worth checking out guys!

48 Hours in Amsterdam Heineken

Coffee Shops/Bar Hopping

Amsterdam is known for it’s laid back attitude and it’s legalization of marijuana. Head over to a coffee shop to sample some edible treats or try the local sampling. Then head out to a local bar for some amazing food and drinks. TRAVEL TIP: Don’t leave without trying the stroopwafels!

48 Hours in Amsterdam Coffee Shop

Red Light District

The Red Light district is famous for its network of alleys containing hundreds of small apartments rented by legal prostitutes. They work from behind a window typically illuminated with red lights. There are also sex shows and shops all around. We took a Red Light District tour and it was definitely interesting!

Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is actually home to more than 60 miles of canals! So, the best way to see all the beautiful architecture in a short time is to take a cruise along those canals. If you only have 48 hours in Amsterdam like me, this is a must!

48 Hours in Amsterdam Cruise

Essential Info:

Weather: Cold season is from November to March. The warm season is from June to September. If you’re looking to view the beautiful tulips that bloom throughout the city make sure to head over there between the end of March and the middle of May.

Currency: They use the Euro(€). Most restaurants and hotels will take credit/debit cards.

Language: The official native language is Dutch but most people speak English.

*This was my first stop on the European Roadtrip Tour from EF College Break.

What To Wear:

I traveled to Amsterdam in the beginning of August. The weather was amazing! It was sunny but comfortable during the day, reaching temperatures of 70° F (21°C), and dropped to chilly temperatures of about 55°F (12.5°C) at night.

I wore a denim shirt and a pair of patterned shorts during the day and pulled on a comfy, long cardigan to dress it up a bit and stay warm at night. Casual enough for the laid-back feel in the city and still chic enough for this modern and fashionable city.

STYLE TIP: Try mixing different textures and patterns in one outfit. It gives your look some interest without even trying! And, you can wear the different pieces with something more simple another day for a completely different look.  

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48 Hours in Amsterdam Outfit

Shop My Amsterdam Style Must-Haves:

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Have you ever visited a city in only 48 hours? Let me know what you did in the comments!

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48 Hours in Amsterdam

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