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Staying at H Sovereign Bali in Indonesia

Here’s everything you need to know about staying at H Sovereign Bali in Indonesia! We landed in Bali 2 nights before we were supposed to (because we could not pass up the $600 flights we found! 😱). So, we decided to check out some of the luxurious (and super affordable – of course 😉) hotels around Tuban and Kuta. These areas are located right by the airport and are more touristy so they have beautiful beaches and plenty of bars…

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  • Prague Travel Guide Prague on a Budget views

    The Ultimate Prague Travel Guide: Prague on a Budget

    Budget and Europe may not be 2 words you would normally put together. But that’s because you have never been to Prague (the city where beer is actually cheaper than water). I’ve been to other places in Europe and was shocked to find out just how affordable Prague is.  It’s an amazing place to head if you’re looking for a vacation full of history and culture, where you can actually ball on a budget. Here is my ultimate Prague travel…

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    thailand style diary

    Thailand Outfit Ideas

    Packing for Thailand was difficult! We were there for 2 weeks and we were going to 4 totally different cities. We needed clothes for an elephant sanctuary, conservative…