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Hi! I’m Michelle, born and raised in gorgeous Miami, Florida. My dream to work in the “glamorous” (ahem.. not-so-glamorous) fashion world was achieved when I landed my first gig in Fashion PR straight out of college. I loved most of the job but I felt trapped in the 9-6 life. I started questioning if this is really what life was about, work and more work? The Sagittarius inside of me was screaming to get out of the cubicle and into the world, exploring and learning and living. So after a couple years I quit and decided to start traveling! Fast forward a few years and I’ve now traveled to 19 countries with no plans to stop.

I truly discovered my passion in the past few years and realized that I wanted to use my skills to help others. Usually when people travel they forget about style because it’s all about being comfortable and packing clothes that fit in your suitcase. They feel like you either have to pack your whole closet or dress in leggings all day everyday. But I want to show you that it’s not that black and white. It’s easier than you think and not expensive either! That’s how this baby – maps&muses – was born.

maps&muses blends my knowledge from years of working in the fashion industry with my huge passion for traveling to teach you how you CAN look stylish while you travel! I’ll give you tons of styling tips for when you’re on the road, what to wear in each city, reviews on stylish travel products and clothes, as well as my personal experience of traveling on a budget with easy to follow tips and travel guides.

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I’m currently exploring the world with my new fiancé (/photographer, videographer, editor, best friend 😋) and we have dreams of visiting every continent and filling our future tiny home with souvenirs from all corners.

Map out your next muse-worthy adventure with me!


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